Hear Ye, Hear Ye! – Etnnic trikes in stock!

We have a great range of brand new Etnnic Trikes in stock!

Trikes are fast becoming a significant form of transport, and are increasingly popular and visible on the streets of the UK. They provide stability, sturdiness, and the confidence to cycle wherever you need; commuting, leisure, shopping, or taking a family ride.

Trikes are a great option if you have mobility limitations, balance issues, or just don’t feel comfortable on two wheels. Three wheels give you steadiness when you need it, and you can go as slowly as you like without a wobble or a fall.

Our Etnnic Trikes are ready in store and raring to go, with both electric motor and non-electric options available:

Etnnic City

Etnnic City – image shows electric version

The Etnnic City

We think this might be the best all-terrain-upright-tadpole-tricycle available. Our customers love its neat design and stable handling. Etnnic’s City 2.0 Trike is explicitly designed for anyone who has difficulty maintaining balance on a conventional bicycle. Having two wheels at the front makes it easy to position this trike accurately, with no risk of inadvertently knocking a rear wheel.

Thanks to the easily adjustable seat and handlebars, the Etnnic City 2.0 Trike ensures comfortable and safe riding for adults of most heights. Its low frame makes it amazingly easy to get on and off -just step aboard, no need to stretch to get onto the saddle.

6000 series aluminium frame plus lightweight alloy components make it surprisingly light –  weighing around 18.5kg it’s capable of carrying up to 100kg.

We have both electric and non-electric versions in stock.

Etnnic Fat

Etnnic Fat Electric

The Etnnic Fat

We thought we’d seen every variety of three-wheeler. Then the Etnnic Fat appeared on the horizon…

There’s nothing quite like it. Etnnic’s talented design team has skillfully combined the tadpole layout’s stability with the off-road capability offered by 4 inch-wide, big-volume tyres, making a trike that’s seriously entertaining to ride and giving riders the confidence to tackle terrain that would be out of bounds for most tricycles. This machine comes into its own on sand, mud, grass and snow.

We have both electric and non-electric versions in stock.

Etnnic Adventure

Etnnic Adventure Electric

The Etnnic Adventure

Adventure is the first OFF-ROAD trike on the market: it is perfect for trips outside the city and to enjoy unpaved routes. Its reinforced chassis and off-road tyres will allow great stability to all the people suffering from mobility issues or anyone who feels less stable on two wheels.

No more excuses to enjoy ADVENTURE!

We have both electric and non-electric versions in stock.

Have a look at our website to see what other trikes we can offer but these Etnnic Trikes here are in our shop and ready to go.

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