Two Wheels

Two Wheels

For many people with restricted movement or disabilities, two-wheeled cycling remains a strong option. However, the following considerations are important and may be helpful.

Is it easy to get on and off?
Bikes with particularly low step-over height are available for all ages.

Is it easy to get a foot down if needed?
This is mostly about saddle height, but if the saddle is too low then pedalling is inefficient and balancing becomes a bit harder. Some bikes have the pedals slightly forward from what is usual. This gives a normal leg extension when you pedal but still allows you to put one or both feet on the ground when you stop, without leaving the saddle.

How easy is it to steer?
This depends on the geometry of the frame. Some are easier than others. Ideally you should try the bike out.

How easy is it to put the brakes on?
Most can be adapted for both brakes to be operated by one hand, and many come with a back-pedal brake, which does not depend on hand-power.

How easy is it to pedal?
In general, if you have poor muscle tone, go for a lighter bike with lots of gears. You can also go for electric-assist.

Options and Choices

You may spot the right cycle easily, but there are clearly many possible variations and combinations. This is why, as a responsible social enterprise, we prefer to have a conversation with you first, to understand your exact needs and help you find the right products.

Refurbished Options

We have built up expertise and supply chains which allow us to offer a wide range of refurbished cycles. Most of these are pre-loved models of top brands which we bring in from Holland and elsewhere. Our refurbished cycles are not always the latest model, but we buy quality, so even older cycles will look smart and all perform brilliantly. Refurbished cycles offer great value if you have a limited budget.

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