Tandems & Multi-Seat

Our Guide to Tandems & Multi-Seat

Tandems are a great experience: with two people riding together you get a machine weighing less than two separate bikes but with almost the same rolling resistance and wind resistance as a solo bike. If required, almost all multi-seat cycles can be fitted with electric pedal-assist.

Cycles Built for Two

Tandems have a lot going for them. Conversation is easy, physical abilities are evened out, and co-operation is part of the pleasure. With two riders on just two wheels you get a great sense of togetherness. Add an extra wheel and you get further benefits: including stability and a variety of seating formats. Tandem riders are definitely a couple of steps up the ladder of sociability from solo cyclists!

Captain and Stoker Positions

There are more types of tandem than you might imagine; from high performance two-wheelers to tandem trikes and quadricycles configured for people with disabilities. Whether on two, three or four wheels, the most common arrangement is for the front rider to steer. On some types of tandem only the rear rider steers, via a linkage to the front wheel(s). This works well if the front rider is a child, is disabled, or needs to be supervised.

Side-by-Side Cycling

There are also wonderful companion cycles where the two riders sit shoulder to shoulder. These mostly come in three or four-wheeled formats. There is a surprising variety. Some are lightweight, have little suspension and have four wheels. Others are heavier, with suspension and have three wheels. Companion cycles generally have independent transmission and gearing. They have great stability as you and your companion get on board. One person does all the steering and braking, and the other just pedals and enjoys the ride. These stately cycles generally come from Holland and are supplied in new or refurbished form.

Family Cycling in Tandem

Tandems can do wonders for family cycling and the school run. Our favourites are the steer-from-the-rear tandems we bring in from Holland. With these a child over five can sit at the front and pedal but not steer. There are also conventional steer-at-the-front tandems with a low-frame design. Both kinds of tandem also come in tricycle versions. Tandem tricycles or quadricycles are particularly useful for carrying more than one child: one on the machine pedalling with you and the other on a child seat, in a child trailer, or pedalling a trailer bike. All the different child-carrying options are made easy if the cycle has three or even four wheels, so you have stability while you get your young ones on board.

Options and Choices

You may spot your perfect tandem or multi-seat cycle easily, but there are clearly many possible variations, combinations and customisations. This is why, as a responsible social enterprise, we prefer to have a conversation with you first, to understand your exact needs and help you avoid mistakes. Our experts can also tell you about our try-out facilities and any alternatives amongst our refurbished cycles. It’s worth getting in touch!

Refurbished Options

We have built up expertise and supply chains which allow us to offer a wide range of refurbished cycles. Most of these are pre-loved models of top brands which we bring in from Holland and elsewhere. Our refurbished cycles are not always the latest model, but we buy quality, so even older cycles will look smart and all perform brilliantly. Refurbished cycles offer great value if you have a limited budget.

What Our Customers Say

"We wanted to say thanks to the team at Get Cycling for the tandem. Georgia absolutely loves it! It rides so well and has solved all our cycling issues. We certainly got some looks when out and about!"


More Specialist Cycles

Many of the cycles featured in other sections of this website are tandems, in their many different forms. They are incredibly versatile machines. Below are some related products that may be of interest.

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