Our Guide to Tricycles

Adding an extra wheel opens up a huge range of benefits, and never before has there been such a choice of well developed products to meet all needs. Trikes are becoming significant forms of transport, and increasingly visible on the streets of the UK. They come in formats and sizes for all ages, abilities, purposes and budgets.

Keeping Your Balance

Three wheels give you stability when you need it and you can go as slowly as you like without a wobble or a fall. This is why trikes are great for transporting kids or even lots of shopping. They are also life-changing, in their various forms, for people with disabilities. The advantages show even before you begin. The trike just sits there, parking brake on, until everything is ready to roll. Once moving, your stability gives you huge reassurance, unhurried road-positioning, and plenty of visibility.

High or Low Riding Positions

Generally, the lower the centre of gravity the better. That’s why adult trikes tend to have smaller wheels. Trikes with higher riding positions are often a bit wider, to increase stability. Recumbent or semi-recumbent trikes are worth considering. They usually have very supportive seats, as opposed to saddles, and give a great riding sensation. Also, whatever the riding position, some people prefer two wheels at the front (tadpole trikes) which give a reassuring feel, and you can see how wide you are at all times! The more common arrangement, with one wheel at the front, is called ‘delta' format.

Freewheel or Fixed Wheel

Most trikes have freewheels, as do most two-wheel cycles. You can stop pedalling and your legs can stay still. On fixed-wheel cycles the pedals keep on turning, powered by the momentum fed back from the revolving rear wheel(s). Fixed wheel cycles are usually combined with a very low gear ratio, which limits top speed. For people with poor muscle tone or poor co-ordination, fixed-wheel makes it easier to push through the ‘power stroke’ from 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock. This then gives momentum through the difficult 12 and 6 o’clock positions. A fixed wheel cycle can also be pedalled backwards, and that’s a lot of extra fun! With some trikes you can switch between fixed and freewheel.

Enjoy a New Experience

Many take to trikes easily, but some need 10 to 20 minutes to unlearn all the balance and steering habits which come from riding on two wheels. You really just need to point and go! Once you have the hang of it you can ride two wheels or three effortlessly for the rest of your life. We offer a fitting and try-out service at our base in York.

Options and Choices

There’s more to think about! Do you want your trike to fold for storage? Do you need a pedal-assist motor? What are the advantages of differential drive? Do you need a parent handle at the back linked to the front wheel for steering? Do you want it for carrying children or cargo or both? Then there are tandem trikes, wheelchair tandems, companion cycles, handcycle trikes, and more. On top of all this, there is a range of adaptations we can fit or make for you.

You may spot your perfect trike easily, but there are clearly many possible variations, combinations and customisations. This is why, as a responsible social enterprise, we prefer to have a conversation with you first, to understand your exact needs and help you avoid mistakes. Our experts can also tell you about our try-out facilities and any alternatives amongst our refurbished cycles. It’s worth getting in touch!

Refurbished Options

We have built up expertise and supply chains which allow us to offer a wide range of refurbished cycles. Most of these are pre-loved models of top brands which we bring in from Holland and elsewhere. Our refurbished cycles are not always the latest model, but we buy quality, so even older cycles will look smart and all perform brilliantly. Refurbished cycles offer great value if you have a limited budget.

What Our Customers Say

"I was so thrilled and quite emotional that I was able once again to ride a trike thanks to your expert knowledge and obvious dedication to Get Cycling. Your patience, enthusiasm and positive attitude to me as a customer was very evident and a delight to see."

Jayne Foulds

More Specialist Cycles

Most of the cycles featured in other sections of this website are tricycles in their many different forms. They are incredibly versatile machines. Below are some related products that may be of interest if you are looking at cycling with three wheels.

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