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All Kinds of Cycles for All Kinds of People

A CIC exists for the benefit of the community and our mission at Get Cycling CIC is to ensure that anyone who wants to cycle, has the opportunity.

We have the most interesting and widest range of cycles available in the UK. We work with only the best manufacturers and suppliers of specialist and conventional cycles throughout the world and can source or create almost any kind of adaption imaginable.

We have a talented and innovative team of mechanics, which enables us to offer the highest quality customer service, assessments, custom builds, maintenance, and repairs.

We can get anyone who wants to cycle - no matter what their age or ability - on a bike.

Get Cycling CIC was founded in 2008 by a family with a passion for cycling and social inclusion, and it remains today an independent retailer with the founders on the board.

We are passionate about sharing all the benefits of cycling: independence, physical exercise, mental wellbeing, liberation, happiness, eco-friendliness, sustainable transport, and the fun and practicality which cycling can offer to everyone and anyone.

As an organisation we have a general lean towards bringing cycling to those who stand to gain the most from it. We are trailblazers for finding and creating unique cycle adaptions for anyone who wants to cycle, and for creating and piloting new products, services, and activities. We actively look to work with other socially conscious and local providers, with environmental, recycling and sustainability values.

Our founders say

"We love bikes, but it’s really all about people. We will continue our work with Get Cycling CIC and Everybody's Cycling CBS, with the aim of raising the status of, and access to, cycling nationally. We want to help make York, in practical ways, a paradigm for commitment to sustainable and people-friendly transport. We hope you will want to join us, wherever you live. There’s a lot to do!"


Jim & Sally McGurn

It has been quite a journey!

Get Cycling CIC was founded in 2008 by Jim and Sally McGurn. There was a crying need for opportunities for a hesitant general public to try-out cycling in an enjoyable, traffic-free environment, with full support and encouragement. Get Cycling’s work evolved into specialised versions of try-outs, loan programmes and events for city centres, schools, workplaces, universities, disability organisations and community groups.

One of Jim and Sally’s sons, Joseph, has Downs Syndrome and Autism, and they recognised that everyone with a disability has their own particular cycling needs. They used their 30 years in the cycle industry (mostly publishing cycling magazines and books) and specialised knowledge to good effect, establishing a retail and advice centre, with impartial support and immediate access to traffic-free cycle routes here in York.

Each year the organisation supported more and more people to ‘get cycling’. With a growing inclusive cycle sales and support service operating nationally, the events elements moved into a new charitable Community Benefit Society. Everybody's Cycling CBS, began developing and delivering existing and new events, programmes, courses, holidays and cycle-based activities in 2020.

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