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Our Guide to Wheelchair Friendly Cycles

You may find it useful to read our guide to wheelchair tandems and transporters for cycling with wheelchair users. If you then want to contact us for more specific advice we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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Wheelchair Tandems

Wheelchair tandems and transporters have the massive advantage of the passenger being in front, with uninterrupted view, so rider and passenger can easily share and talk about the world they travel through. Wheelchair tandems enable anyone who cannot help with the pedalling to still enjoy being part of it all and share the pleasure which cycling brings. These cycles are part road-going wheelchair and part bicycle.

When you arrive together at your destination you simply detach the cycle's rear-end in seconds, leaving the passenger free to complete the journey using just the independent wheelchair. This detachability also makes it easier to transport the wheelchair tandem in a vehicle. These are highly refined machines, designed specifically for the purpose: they are not adapted conventional wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Transporters

Alternatively, there are wheelchair transporters which carry passengers in their own wheelchair on a special ramped platform. Wheelchair transporters are great for multi-user locations, such as special schools and care homes, where the passengers stay in their own wheelchairs. These cycles are often heavier and wider than wheelchair tandems: fine for short or flat journeys, since the gearing will be very low, but you might want to consider a pedal-assist motor for heavy, regular use, and especially in hilly areas.

There only a few companies making these machines, and they range from the basic to the highly refined. The more sophisticated include a form of modified Ackermann steering to give a good turning circle, and also include a reverse gear for three-point turns. Also, if you want to transport the whole machine in a vehicle, look for a transporter which separates.

Options and Choices

You may spot your perfect wheelchair friendly cycle easily, but there are different variations, combinations and customisations. This is why, as a responsible social enterprise, we prefer to have a conversation with you first, to understand your exact needs and help you avoid mistakes. Our experts can also tell you about our try-out facilities and any alternatives amongst our refurbished cycles. It’s worth getting in touch!

Refurbished Options

We have built up expertise and supply chains which allow us to offer a wide range of refurbished cycles. Most of these are pre-loved models of top brands which we bring in from Holland and elsewhere. Our refurbished cycles are not always the latest model, but we buy quality, so even older cycles will look smart and all perform brilliantly. Refurbished cycles offer great value if you have a limited budget.

What Our Customers Say

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help and advice you gave us and helping us achieve our goal of owning a wheelchair bike. The O Pair is great, we went on our first family bike ride on Sunday and it was so amazing for us to all be riding together."

Dawn & John Harrison

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