Get Cycling included in The Sunday Times Magazine Care Checklist

Get Cycling are proud to be included in The Sunday Times magazine in their Care Checklist feature, which is an essential guide to ensure that their readers make the most of their time when they decide to stop working, as well as providing advice on how they can best care for their parents in retirement.

The Sunday Times prides itself on showcasing a high-quality selection of products and services ranging from activities and leisure, mobility options, legal advice, residential homes, nursing homes, care homes, and healthcare options.

We believe it’s perfect for those concerned about their parents’ retirement options and planning ahead for their own.

We are delighted to highlight some of the cycles we offer for those looking to continue being active in their later years and those suitable for care communities.

Etnnic Folding 2.0

If you or someone in your family has difficulty maintaining balance on a two-wheel bicycle but needs something that’s easy to store and transport, then we recommend Etnnic’s Folding 2.0 Trike.
It has two wheels at the front, making it easy to position accurately, with no risk of inadvertently knocking a rear wheel – as can happen if you have two wheels at the back instead, especially when steering through narrow gaps.

Van Raam Easy Go

If you struggle to balance on bicycles and might sometimes need assistance when pedalling, then the Van Raam Easy Go is a scooter/tricycle that’s compact, stable, agile, and built to last.
With three options available: only pedalling, pedalling with power assist and 100% electrically powered, which can be easily switched to and from, it makes for a smooth ride, whatever you require.
With the electric motor, it’s easy to reverse and has a tight turning circle.
It’s also the right size to go through a standard door.

Van Raam City Walking Aid

If you have difficulty walking or standing, the comfortable seat on the Van Raam City Walking Aid carries your weight, relieving the pressure on your legs and joints.
Walking feels almost effortless, which enables you to travel longer distances. Being foldable and lightweight, it is easy to transport in a car or public transport.

Van Raam Maxi Comfort

If you’re looking for stability and comfort, there’s a low seating position on the Van Raam Maxi Comfort, which places less strain on your back, shoulders, neck, and wrists.
It has a low, spacious step-through and reclined seating position so you can mount with both feet firmly on the ground, and it fits through a standard doorway.

Van Raam Balance

The low-step frame of the Van Raam Balance is designed to make it easy for you to ride, mount and dismount.
You can place both feet firmly on the ground without getting off the saddle, and the seat is set back, placing less strain on your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

Van Raam Easy Rider

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and nimble ride, then the Van Raam Easy Rider is a semi-recumbent tricycle that is stable, comfortable and easy to get on and off.
Its relaxed riding position, specially designed and easily adjustable seat and manoeuvrability will make cycling a breeze – even if you’ve never ridden a tricycle before, you’ll get on with it immediately.
It’s also easy to store and will fit through any standard doorway.

At Get Cycling, we believe that cycling is for everybody, including anyone who needs additional support, those with carers or simply anyone who cannot or doesn’t want to cycle alone.
We have a range of multi-seater and tandem cycles that suit everyone’s needs or desires.

Van Raam Chat

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a more sociable ride, the Van Raam Chat tricycle rickshaw gives you and a friend the opportunity to talk to each other (Chatting!) on the front-facing seat while being pedalled and steered by a rider at the back.
With plenty of luggage space, easy on and off access, and no driving licence required, you can take the Van Raam Chat anywhere.

Van Raam Fun2Go

If you’re looking to ride with a friend or partner, the Van Raam Fun2Go is a comfortable side-by-side tandem that is easy to ride – one of you has full control of the steering and brakes, and you both pedal.
It allows you both to chat and enjoy uninterrupted views of the road ahead.

Van Raam Opair

If you or a member of your family is a wheelchair user, then the Van Raam Opair is a wheelchair tandem tricycle that allows you or them to ride up front while being pedalled and steered from the rear.
As an optional extra, the front chair can easily be separated and used independently.

The Opair is comfortable and stable, has a tight turning circle, and easily fits through most standard doors.

Van Raam VeloPlus

If you’d prefer you or your family member to ride in their own wheelchair, then the Van Raam VeloPlus is a tandem tricycle with a platform at the front.
The tilted ramp makes it easy to roll the wheelchair onto the platform and fasten it securely.
The VeloPlus has an optional electric winch system, which makes this even easier.
This unique tandem trike lets you both chat easily and enjoy the views while riding.

Get Cycling CIC was founded in 2008 by a family with a passion for cycling and social inclusion, and it remains an independent retailer today with the founders on the board.

We are passionate about sharing all the benefits of cycling with anyone and everyone: independence, physical exercise, mental well-being, liberation, happiness, eco-friendliness, sustainable transport, and the fun and practicality which cycling can offer to everyone and anyone.

Situated in the beautiful and historic city of York, near the serene banks of the River Ouse, our location offers easy access to the city without the downtown hustle.

Book an assessment with our highly-trained and passionate staff and take a demo ride along the peaceful river on a traffic-free cycle route. Reach the city centre in time for a delightful tea and cake break at one of York’s numerous cafes. Consider a rejuvenating pitstop at our riverside neighbour, Dyls.
For a special treat, a short walk to the city’s heart, with ample cycle parking, leads to the renowned Betty’s Tearooms (booking ahead is recommended due to its popularity).

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Published January 2024