Warranty Policy

Thank you for you interest and purchase of the products and services that Get Cycling supply.

This warranty policy outlines what is covered under warranty and the warranty process for goods purchased from Get Cycling.


How long does this warranty last?

Warranty coverage starts at the date of purchase, and extends to the original purchaser only, and must provide proof of purchase to validate and claim. The warranty is not transferable to anyone else.

All new cycles and accessories are covered by manufacturers warranty and are outlined in product user manuals. Where the manufacturer does not offer a warranty, Get Cycling offers a 6 month warranty.

Please note some suppliers may require you to register your cycle either online or by post.

Refurbished cycles provided by Get Cycling’s cycle refurbishment programme are covered under warranty for a term of 6 months.


What’s Covered?

This warranty document covers the products for manufacturing defects or workmanship to cycles as outlined in the manufacture’s user manual.

Cover includes:

A Defect in materials or workmanship or an error of information.

The cause of the change in the product is neither natural nor related to its functions, wear and tear or ageing.

The damage was not caused by the use of the product for any use other than the intended purpose.


What must you do to keep the warranty in effect?

This warranty and manufacturer’s warranty is only valid if the cycle has received a ‘first service’ after approximately 100 miles. If you can get the cycle to us, we will do this free of charge. Otherwise, the ‘first service’ must be completed by a pre-approved mechanic and proof must be kept of this service.

The cycle or accessory must be used under normal conditions for its intended use, by a person the properly fits and is capable of controlling the cycle.


What is not covered under warranty?

This warranty does not include the transportation charges of the cycle or product, it is the users duty to cover costs of transporting the cycle back for warranty work.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, paint, rust, normal maintenance items, personal injury, or any damage, failure, or lost that is caused by accident, improper assembly, maintenance, adjustment, storage or user of the cycle.

This warranty will be void if the cycle is ever:

  • Used for stunt riding, jumping, aerobatics or similar activity
  • Installed with a motor or modified in any other way without Get Cycling’s authorisation
  • Ridden by more than the designed number of riders for the cycle
  • Used in a manner contrary to the instructions in the user manual.

Normal wear and tear parts are also NOT covered, for example:

  • Tyres
  • Tubes
  • Grips
  • Seats
  • Chains and toothed belts
  • Spokes
  • Sliding bearings / Bearings
  • Lamps for lighting system
  • Handle bar grips and handle bare tape
  • Hydraulic oils and lubricants
  • Brake Pads
  • Gear/brake cables inner and outer
  • Paint finishes
  • Batteries (depletions of capacity to 60% is acceptable with the first two years)
  • Rims in combination with rim brakes


What will Get Cycling do?

Get Cycling will investigate any warranty claim and raise with appropriate supplier. Get Cycling will repair / replace any component / cycle to be found defective by the supplier and replacements parts agreed by the supplier.

Get Cycling will not cover and transport charges connected with the repair or warranty work.


How do you make a warranty claim?

All warranty claims should be made via email and sent to admin@getcycling.org.uk or by phone on 01904 636 812. The Get Cycling team will then advise a time and date for the cycle to be bought to us for warranty assessment.

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