Pendle Bike Racks: Your Link To Adventure!

Pendle have written a great guide, Transporting Your Trike, with useful information and benefits of using a trike rack.

The purchase of a trike is about much more than a device that gets you from A to B. It comes with aspirations of freedom and adventure.

Pendle Bike Racks is a family business with a simple mission – to get you and your trike anywhere and everywhere.

They want to connect you to the adventures you didn’t think possible and with the steadfast confidence that your trike is always safe and secure on every journey.

The benefits of owning a trike rack

Maintain the value of your trike (and even add to it)
Their trike racks have a maximum total load of 70kg, enabling safe movement and maximum protection of almost any trike while it is being transported.

When a rack is made with this type of extra string design and is easy to manoeuvre, you can arrive at your destination safely, knowing that your trike or bike has been unharmed by the journey.

Add a new dimension to holidays
If a holiday in Great Britain or beyond is set to take you to places where your trike can be used, a rack means easy transportation without the need to undertake arduous dismantling and reassembly exercises.

Whatever its frame shape, you need only connect the rack to your vehicle, secure your trike, and then off you go.

Experience Real Freedom
With a robust and agile trike rack attached to your vehicle, it’s not just your immediate vicinity that’s opened up to you; it’s the whole of Great Britain…and beyond!

Yes, a trike rack provides you with the freedom to mount your trike and power those three tyres to wherever your curiosity takes you.

Read the original blog post on Pendle’s website here.

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