Get Cycling CIC Launches ‘Pathways to Pedals’

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Get Cycling CIC is thrilled to announce the launch of “Pathways to Pedals,” an exciting new three-year initiative designed to make inclusive cycling more accessible for people with disabilities across the UK. This remarkable project is supported by the Motability Foundation.

Pathways to Pedals is set to revolutionise inclusive cycling, particularly for individuals with disabilities from low-income backgrounds. The goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities or financial situation, can experience the joys and benefits of cycling. The initiative will offer everything from free cycle loans to affordable rental options.

Joanne Mahon, CEO of Get Cycling CIC, commented:

“We are incredibly excited about the Pathways to Pedals project. This initiative will not only provide more opportunities for disabled individuals to engage in cycling but will also help raise awareness about the immense benefits that inclusive cycling can bring to individuals and communities.”

The project aims to provide more accessible cycling options for people with disabilities, focusing on those with lower incomes. This includes working closely with support groups to identify and meet their needs. Through try-out sessions, personalised routes to affordability, and regular riding sessions, the project seeks to highlight the benefits of inclusive cycling nationwide. The aim is to raise awareness about how transformative cycling can be. By collaborating with other national organisations, the project hopes to foster a widespread understanding and adoption of inclusive cycling, believing in the power of collective action to make real change.

Lisa Jones, Director of Charitable Operations at the Motability Foundation, said:

“We’re excited to award Get Cycling with this grant to launch their ‘Pathways to Pedals’ inclusive cycling programme, for disabled people in Yorkshire.

We know that active travel, such as cycling, can benefit wellbeing for disabled people, by increasing mobility and reducing social isolation. Awarding grants to important organisations like these helps us to make an immediate difference to the transport needs of disabled people.”

The initiative has some ambitious objectives and activities lined up. It aims to engage with 5,000 disabled individuals, providing them with comprehensive information on inclusive cycling through various media and direct interactions. It will host 200 mobile social cycling sessions, benefiting 4,000 disabled individuals by giving them hands-on cycling experiences. Additionally, it will offer free inclusive cycle loans for one month to 240 disabled individuals or organisations, along with additional support for long-term cycle acquisition.

For more Information on cycle sessions or the free cycle loans, please visit and register your Interest.

To participate in the free loan programme, applicants must have a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010, reside in the UK with a permanent address, and be classified as low-income or receive income-related benefits.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise that has its community at the heart of everything it does, Get Cycling CIC looks forward to the positive impact that Pathways to Pedals will have on communities across the UK. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to ride on this incredible journey towards inclusive cycling for all!

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