Meet Philip: Embracing Adventure With Get Cycling

Helen and Philip

The world of brick-and-mortar shops and online interaction don’t often intersect. The dialogue between in-store customers and the commentary of online strangers are rarely juxtaposed.

Every so often, we meet a customer who brings joy to both our in-person and online experiences. Philip Chisholm is one of those special individuals, spreading positivity and adventure wherever he goes.

The Bambuk tandem recumbent trike

Philip’s journey with Get Cycling began with the purchase of a Bambuk tandem recumbent trike.
He was a joy to help in our showroom and whilst he initially had his eye on a different set of wheels, he found his ride in the Bambuk.

Since then, he frequently leaves kind comments on our social media posts. His words bring us happiness, as we see how he’s embracing the joys of cycling to the fullest.

They aren’t just testimonials; they reveal his joyful experiences and zest for life. He paints a picture of someone who has found pure happiness in cycling, regardless of age or circumstance.

“The most expensive bike we have ever bought, though the one that has given us the most unbridled fun,”

Philip’s spirit of adventure knows no bounds. At 70 years young, he and his partner Helen embody the ethos of embracing life’s experiences. His willingness to share his advice with others speaks volumes about his generosity and passion for cycling.

Out and about, the joy of three wheels!

In praising Get Cycling’s service, Philip highlights not just the quality of our cycles, but the dedication of our brilliant team. We pride ourselves in fostering lasting relationships and ensuring that every cyclist feels supported on their journey.

What’s most inspiring about Philip’s story is how he sees cycling as a means of bridging generations.

“Bringing the old and the young back to life, that is Get Cycling,”

In Philip and Helen, we find not just customers, but kindred spirits — fellow adventurers who remind us of the sheer joy and freedom that cycling can bring.

Thank you, Philip, for sharing your journey with us, and may your outings on three wheels continue to bring you endless joy and fulfillment.

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Published May 2024