Discover the Difference: Two New Cycles in Our Upgraded Demo Fleet!

There’s something special in the air as we introduce the newest members of our demo fleet. Two attention-grabbing cycles are now available for you to explore.

Babboe City – E and Omnium Mini-Max

In the bustling urban landscape, the quest for efficient and eco-friendly transportation is ever-present. Two remarkable cycles, the Babboe City-E and the Omnium Mini-Max, have emerged as distinctive solutions for different city dwellers.
One caters to families, offering a comfortable ride for parents and children alike, while the other is a cargo-carrying workhorse.

Babboe City-E
The ideal two-wheel cargo bike with pedal assistance! The Babboe City-E is a solid two-wheel cargo bike with a sporty feel. Agile, fast, and light, its slender design makes this cargo bike practical on busier roads. It is easily manoeuvrable in traffic, even with a full box, and the electric pedal-assist motor support means you can effortlessly cycle long distances and steeper hills. Made in the Netherlands this is a quality machine and is built to last.

Omnium Mini-Max

The Omnium Cargo is a fast, light, adjustable and manoeuvrable cargo bike. The rack area can be adapted for cargo of all kinds. The nylon cargo webbing provides a super-strong surface that can hold loads all day long. Omnium also has a cunning extender bar that slides trombone-like into the rack to give you absurd levels of cargo power.

Unlike some other cargo bikes on the market, the Omnium Cargo feels pretty much exactly like a normal bike to ride. Not twitchy, not shaky, but agile and speedy.

Experience the city in a whole new way with our Babboe City-E and Omnium Mini-Max.

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Published October 2023