Double the fun on Yorkshire Day weekend

Our Yorkshire Day weekend sale is now on!

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, we’re having a sale of some of our refurbished tandems so couples and families can enjoy the region in all its glory.

For this weekend, and as part of the Visit York celebrations in and around the city, we’re offering FOUR tandems at bargain prices, including one adult-only model and three for adults and children.

If you like to relax riding solo we ’ve even got a pre-loved single-seater with a special design feature!

For more details on each bike, including price and availability, just click on the picture.

Vintage Batavus 3 speed Dutch Tandem

A classic steel tandem from long-established Dutch cycle maker Batavus, this adult tandem rides beautifully in a relaxed, leisurely way making it perfect for trips to your favourite cafe.

Used Huka Co Pilot steer-from-rear tandem bicycle

A good quality, well-made Dutch steer-from-the-rear tandem designed to be used by an adult at the back and a child up front. Fun to ride and easy to get on and off thanks to its low step-through frame.

Used HJD ‘Duo’ steer-from-rear tandem bicycle

Another Dutch steer-from-rear tandem with all the advantages of being controlled (steering, braking and gears) by the rider at the back. This model is fitted with a neat clutch system to disengage the front rider’s transmission – very handy if they get tired.

Used Meybike steer-from-rear Tandem

This well-made Danish steer-from-rear tandem features also offers ‘fixed’ setting and ‘freewheel’ settings so the little one up front can stop pedalling. A great way for a family to enjoy cycling together.

Used Van Raam TaVaRa bicycle

For people who like a bike all to themselves, we have the TaVaRa, with a unique ‘crank-forward’ frame design that lets the rider place both feet flat on the ground when stationary. It’s also very relaxing to ride.

Come and check out these and all of our other bikes on offer at:
Get Cycling CIC at 22 Hospital Fields Road, York YO10 4DZ