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Update from Stacey Mitchell after the completion of Race The Thames 2021:

“Taking part in Race the Thames 21 has been incredibly moving from both my teammates and other competitors. The Paravengers worked exceptionally hard to complete 346km. Everyone dug deep and pushed their limits to another level we didn’t think was possible. On many occasions throughout the week, I was touched and inspired by different members. 

I have always had a spark for sport, fitness and challenges. A love that took a backseat when I lost my leg in 2018. As my sole focus has been learning to walk again, surgery, recovery and living independently. 

To be successful with The Paravengers I had to commit myself to the challenge. I had to dig deep, past pain and exhaustion. To carry on and successfully complete the race. I enjoyed really pushing my own limit. Oddly, I get a kick from it. 

As a team we exceeded our own expectations, a moment we all shared together as we crossed the finish line. We hoped to help and even inspire other people especially those going through life changing injuries or illness. If you can’t exercise how you previously loved, there is always a way to get involved. 

We have received so many kind messages and generous donations which will help support our charities. Thank you. 

Don’t waste your ability!”

We are super proud of Stacey Mitchell and co. who are trying to complete the Race The Thames 2021 challenge to raise money for two charities:

“As a team of 8, we are hoping to complete Race the Thames, 346kms between us. 5/8 of us are significantly injured. 2 members of the team have spinal cord injuries, 2 of us are amputees and 1 shattered both his legs.
The five of us are currently serving in one of the armed forces. The other 3 are partners and wives. Because of the significant levels of injury we all have different distance levels to cover. It doesn’t seem it but it is a significant challenge for us.
We are doing this in aid of London Youth Rowing Club and BLESMA with our total being split 50:50.” – Stacey Mitchell

Stacey will be riding an ICE Trikes Adventure HD that we have loaned to her for free – we’re so happy we can help out with this amazing undertaking by some incredible people!

You can donate to them directly by following this link

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