Van Raam Fun2Go Tandem

The Fun2Go is a tricycle tandem where the riders sit beside each other – sometimes called a ‘sociable tandem’ or ‘side-by-side’. One person steers and both pedal. Both riders have a good view and can communicate well due to the seats being next to each other, unlike traditional ‘in line’ tandems where one rider always has their view obscured. The riders can get on and off easily too as there’s no frame to step over, and the seat position can be adjusted quickly. Rotating seats are an option too, making it even easier to get on and off. Its controls are light to use and it’s surprisingly agile –  with two wheels behind, a differential and one front wheel, it can turn around its own axis.

Van Raam has been producing the duo bike for more than 20 years and has already made several thousands of Fun2Go’s. Because of this, the bike has evolved into a dependable, safe and fun cycle.


On the Fun2Go, the driver and passenger cycle in the same gear with a shared 8-speed hub. There’s an option for a double 8-speed hub, allowing the driver and passenger to choose their own gear independently.

With the optional ‘disengagement hub’, the main driver can set the way the co-driver pedals. This drive option is especially useful for rehabilitation. With the co-pedal mode, you can encourage your co-rider to pedal more, or you can turn off the drive completely if you don’t want your co-rider to cycle. The shift hub has three modes:

  • Mode A: With the 8-speed hub, the passenger and the driver pedal in the same gear.
  • Off mode: With the freewheel hub, the passenger can pedal independently of the driver or keep their feet still on the pedals. The passenger has complete freewheel, so they do not contribute to the drive of the bike.
  • Mode B: The passenger has a fixed gear in which they pedal. This is called the co-pedal mode.

Note: The shift hub can only be operated when the tandem bike is stationary, currently only available on left hand drive models.

Smart e-bike

An electric motor/pedal assistance is an option that makes cycling on this modern-designed side-by-side tandem bike even more fun. For safety reasons, the Fun2Go is limited to a maximum speed of 20 km per hour.

If you choose the optional electric pedal assistance, it will be delivered as a smart e-bike with a Silent smart display. On this display, you can find a lot of information about the battery and the bike. The Silent electrical system from Van Raam is equipped with a start-up aid, which provides additional support when starting to ride.


In addition, there are many other options that can make the Fun2Go complete. You can fully customize the Fun2Go to your preferences by adding extra options. With a universal adapter on the back of the bike, you can add many handy options to take a foldable walking frame, wheelchair or extra luggage with you. It is also possible to equip the Fun2Go with mountain gears, making it easy to cycle up a hill or mountain. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

The Fun2Go is also available with a reinforced frame. The Fun2Go is suitable for individuals weighing up to 180 kg. With two riders on board, the Fun2Go can carry a total weight of up to 280 kg (distributed across the 2 seats).

Van Raam Tandems

Van Raam also has a FunTrain tandem bike trailer which, in combination with the Fun2Go, allows three passengers and a companion to cycle safely.

Standard features

  • 8 gears (driver and passenger cycle in the same gear)
  • Front basket for luggage
  • Rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front mechanical disc brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Lock
  • Steering limiter
  • Comfortable seats with adjustable seat depth
  • Lights


  • No step in, easy to take your seat
  • One person steers, both can pedal
  • Perfect view and attention to passenger
  • Many drive systems possible for both driver and passenger
  • Extremely maneuverable, bike can turn around its own axis
  • Better communication due to seats next to each other
  • Easy to ride
  • Stable
  • Automatic chain tensioners that reduce the need for frequent adjustments
  • Easy to maintain

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