Nihola Flex

The Nihola Flex is designed for an adult to ride with a passenger in a wheelchair on front platform. The rear rider has full control of the steering and brakes. Made in Denmark, this is a quality machine – it is built to last.

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Standard features include Shimano 7-speed hub gears, strong rear luggage rack, security lock and chain guard.

Main advantages of the Flex are that it costs around half the price of its nearest competitor, the wheelchair ramp is built into the frame and is controlled by two gas dampers. The wheelchair itself is easily secured with ‘quick-adapters’ – a system of wheelchair retention widely used in minibuses. The Flex also has a low-step frame (42 cm) which makes for easy mounting and dismounting for the rear rider, and our customers love the way the ramp makes it easy for the wheelchair to roll on and off.

Ackerman steering: each front wheel is given its own pivot point, allowing the front two wheels (either side of the front platform) to turn together at the same angle. This means the rear rider does not have to turn the entire combined weight of the front platform, passenger and wheelchair allowing for a much lighter, smoother turn than other steer-from-the-rear cycles which use a more basic steering arrangement where the front wheels are fixed, parallel to the front load. Ackerman steering geometry is used in cars, buses, and every other multi-track vehicle on the road.

Ackerman steering also allows for a lower front platform, which enables easy access for the wheelchair and lowers the centre of gravity making the Nihola Flex more stable than its counterparts.

The main advantages of a steer-from-the-rear tandem cycles are that the rider sitting at the rear can see and communicate much more easily with the front passenger and monitor their wellbeing more easily. Steer-from-the-rear tandem cycles allow the front rider to enjoy a view of the road ahead and feel more involved in the ride.

The standard ‘Flex’ fits most wheelchairs, for wheelchairs that are more laid back, bulkier or just plain longer there is also the Flex XL with a 260mm extended load bed. Please contact us for more information.


Adapt and Customise

Electric assist: this product is also available with an electric motor. Contact us for more information.

Other colours are available at extra cost, in any of the standard RAL colours.

A full range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.



  • Shimano 7 speed hub gears
  • Hand-built frame made from high quality steel
  • Rear Shimano roller brake
  • Front hub brake
  • High quality aluminium rims
  • Front wheel size: 20”
  • Rear wheel size: 26”
  • Gel saddle
  • Powder-coated in black (frame colour)
  • Total length: 215 cm
  • Total width: 99 cm
  • Height of transport platform: 18 cm
  • Max wheelchair width: 68 cm
  • Max load: 120 kg + rider weight
  • Max combined weight for the cyclist, wheelchair user and wheelchair is 220 kg


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