Diffability: The Podcast Helping To Breakdown Barriers For Families With Disabled Children

Season 3 of the incredible Diffability podcast, hosted by Dadsnet, recently launched and we are thrilled to be a part of it again!  

Diffability Season 3 Atwal Brice podcast

The podcast is led by dads Paul & Michael Atwal-Brice who are raising two sets of twins, their eldest of which have autism and epilepsy.

In Diffability, they talk about their lives and the challenges they face, about products that make their lives with the boys easier, and they speak to special guests. Whether your child’s Diffability is physical, mental, neurological, or any other kind of diagnosis, this podcast is here to show you that you’re not alone in your calling to raise your child with a Diffability.

Atwal-Brice-family diffability

The 6 episodes each focus on an individual ‘diffabilty’ that can affect children and their families.

Every episode serves as a rich source of guidance. It offers families valuable advice, insights from knowledgeable guests, recommending organisations for families navigating these conditions, and accessible avenues for assistance.

  • Episode 1: Autism
    Paul and Michael talk to Andrea from @mummyandherthree.autism on Instagram to talk about the realities of raising a child with autism. This is a subject very close to the guys’ hearts. She also gives us her top tips for parents of children with autism.
  • Episode 2: ADHD.
    In this episode, Michael and Paul tackle ADHD – a disorder that has been around forever, but only now are people starting to understand it fully.
    They spoke to Katherine, who is @ADHD_coach_katherine on Instagram, and she is a specialist ADHD coach. They asked her all about diagnosis, and, of course, got her tips for parents raising children with ADHD.
  • Episode 3: Epilepsy.
    In this episode, the Atwal-Brices caught up with Rosie from Epilepsy Action, to talk about all things epilepsy. Rosie was a fantastic guest, with a lot of insight, and, of course, some fantastic tips for parents raising children with epilepsy.
  • Episode 4: Eating Disorders.
    Our lovely hosts spoke to Sandie at Beat to discuss some of the most common or prominent eating disorders. They also, of course, get her top tips for parents raising children facing one of these.
  • Episode 5: Deaf Football.
    Paul and Michael spoke to Claire Stancliffe – captain of the National Deaf Women’s Football Team. They spoke about how far society has come in relation to disabilities, and how much further we still have to go.
    Of course, she also provided some fantastic tips about getting your children into sport where possible and some interesting insight into how the world of tech is helping disabled athletes
  • Episode 6: Our Altered Life.
    In the final episode, our hosts spoke to Charlie – she’s @ouralteredlife on Instagram – whose son Harry was born with Goldenhar syndrome. This causes facial disfigurement and often comes alongside autism and global learning delay.
    She has some fantastic insight on how life changes when you’re raising a child with a disability, and how to get support on this journey you never expected to take!
Diffability Podcast Atwal Brice Family York

We at Get Cycling are incredibly proud to sponsor this podcast once again. The achievements and struggles of families with children with disabilities can often be overlooked, and we were so happy to be able to help celebrate and champion the community we are involved with.

Whether your child’s Diffability is physical, mental, neurological or any other kind of diagnosis, this podcast aims to help parents feel less alone.

Tune in here:


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Published February 2024