Ride On: Essential Winter Cycling Tips

Cycling in winter, especially as a commute, can seem like an unsavoury part of your day. But just because the weather is against you, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to ride.

Cycling in the winter months has a fair few more hazards than travelling by bike in the milder months of the year.

With the extra equipment and precautions needed it can suck the joy out of cycling, but if you prepare correctly and take care, you can enjoy cycling just as much as you always have:

Warm and visible clothing is essential, in the plummeting temperatures and lower light, being warm and being seen are important.

A base layer is a great start for underneath your clothing, even if it’s just under your regular or work clothes, it keeps your core warm and can wick away any moisture that can cause a chill.

Over the top, a warm jacket is all you need to keep the elements off and you comfortable on your journey. You should feel slightly cold when you get out and begin your cycle – if you’re already warm, you’re going to get too hot as you move and exercise on your way.

Obviously, lights are essential but high-visibility clothing is a good addition to increase your visibility and your safety.

A Hi-Viz jacket to go over your clothes is great, as is a cover for your helmet and backpack. You can add gloves, bike clips and stickers to the back of your cycle too. You can’t really overdo it!

While a woolly hat is tempting, a helmet is always the best headgear whenever you’re on your cycle – consider a skullcap, helmet liner or neck gaiter as a layer instead.

Whatever additions you can’t already find at home, you’ll easily find at your local bike shop, on the high street or online.

Safe Cycling:

Cycling on the main roads is probably safer in the fact that they will most likely have been gritted but if you can’t avoid the back and minor roads, here are some tips to keep cycling safely:

  • Give yourself longer to stop: apply your breaks gentler and long before you need to stop, this way you won’t risk jolting your wheels and causing a fall.
  • Choose your line: especially while cycling on icy roads, if there is a worn or dry line through the ice try to use it, unless it’s in an unsafe part of the road or not where you want to be. Trust your judgement.
  • Ride carefully: cycle at a steady speed and avoid quick changes in direction.
  • Back brake: If you need to stop, your back brake is better to use as it affords you control of the front wheel if you slip. If you must use your front brake, do so gently and in conjunction with your back brake.
  • Get off and walk: If you need to, there’s no shame in getting off the saddle and walking with your cycle if you feel the road or cycle path is too slippery and you don’t feel safe riding.
  • If you aren’t comfortable cycling in the icy or cold – go slowly and carefully, or else walking is just as much fun in the winter!

One of the best things you can do to cycle safely in winter is to make sure your cycle is up to the task!
Book in with our workshop to get your cycle a check-up and a tune-up. Our highly knowledgeable and Cytech ACT-trained mechanics will make sure your steed is at its best to get you from A to B this cold season.

We offer a beSPOKE (haha, cycling humour…) service menu – depending on what your cycle needs:

Bronze Service
Safety Inspection and necessary minor adjustment of brakes, gears, and spoke tension. Chain degreasing and lubrication. Mechanic’s safety report on further recommended work.

Silver Service
As per Bronze, plus: adjustment of all bearing races (wheel hubs, headset, and bottom bracket, where applicable). Replacement of consumable parts (e.g. brake pads, cables, chain, and cassette).

Gold Service
Complete strip down and rebuild of your bike. Includes frame preparation, bottom bracket service, headset service, and hub servicing. Includes fitting of all parts.

Click here for more information and prices for our services.

We know you love cycling – we do too! But we also love cycling SAFELY – follow these suggestions and cycle happy!

Whatever your winter cycling needs, we have something for you – dust off your thermals and come and see us – there’s always a warm welcome at Get Cycling CIC.

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Published November 2023