Bike Week 2022!

Last week we celebrated Bike Week with Cycling UK. We spent the week honouring our local community and encouraging as many people as possible to get out there and enjoy their community by bike!

We couldn’t help but shout about one of our favourite Local Cycling Legends – York Collective!

Set up by 4 friends, Alex, Aaron, Matt and Will, at the beginning of the 1st lockdown in 2020 to provide a bike courier service run by local people, for local businesses in York, especially those struggling to reach their local customers.

They worked closely with The Supper Collective delivering hot food to the tireless and hardworking staff at the York Hospital and to isolated and vulnerable local residents (our very own Get Cycling colleague Rianna also volunteered and delivered food by bike during her time on furlough)

York Collective are York’s first Cycle Cooperative and is part of Coop Cycle, a European federation of bike delivery co-ops.

June is also Pride Month so we’re celebrating PrideOut!

We support this group with such an inclusive ethos as our own – “Inclusive LGBTQIA+ cycling group. All abilities, races, gender identities & sexualities welcome.”🏳️‍🌈
Head to their site to join a local LGBTQIA+ cycling group near you!

And you absolutely MUST watch the incredible video that Pride Out helped Bike Is Best to make in support of Pride Month!

Our amazing friends at Everybody’s Cycling do incredible cycling events all over the UK! They also do BikeBoost cycling classes and pop-up bike mechanic stalls!
They have their own amazing fleet of conventional and unique bikes, including cycles for people with disabilities.

Our fleet of adapted cycles include tricycles, recumbents, wheelchair transporters, companion cycles, steer from the rear tandems and handcycles: selected according to the individual’s needs. We aim to enable those with special needs to increase independence, mobility, and wellbeing though cycling!

iTravel York have filmed some of the most popular cycle routes around York. Great for people who prefer visual directions & also allows you to see how accessible the route is if you use adapted or larger cycles.

There are 18 popular routes all over the city so plenty of opportunity to explore parts of the city you haven’t before!

Check them out here!

We absolutely love Bike Week and any chance to support and celebrate all the incredible cycling heroes we love.
Who are some of your Local Cycling Heroes? Now’s the chance to find some!

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