Babboes galore! Just in time for spring and summer!

Spring and summer are for family rides! And what better way to enjoy a cycle in the sun with your loved ones than with a Babboe cargo cycle!
We have a fantastic range of Babboes coming to GCHQ and you can have a look now at what we’ll have in-store!

Babboe City-E

The ideal two-wheel cargo bike with pedal assistance! The Babboe City-E is a solid two-wheel cargo bike with a sporty feel. Agile, fast, and light, its slender design makes this cargo bike practical on busier roads. It is easily manoeuvrable in traffic, even with a full box, and the electric pedal-assist motor support means you can effortlessly cycle long distances and steeper hills. Made in the Netherlands this is a quality machine and is built to last.

Babboe Curve-E

The Babboe Curve-E cargo trike is built to the highest standard with an affordable price tag. Elegant, comfortable, and practical with enough space to carry up to four children and electric pedal assistance with 8 modes.

The Babboe Curve is fitted with child-friendly, anti-slip steps for safe entry and exit. Steering dampers absorb unevenness in the road surface and ensure that the box and handlebars move gradually and smoothly with no abrupt jolting.

Babboe Flow Mountain

The Babboe Flow Mountain is an electric box trike suitable for carrying up to three children. The wheels turn independently from the box, and the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor and Nuvinci stepless shifting system give a smooth cycling experience. Made in the Netherlands this is a quality machine and is built to last.

The front box gently tilts as you turn, and with linkage steering where each front wheel is given its own pivot point, allowing the front two wheels (either side of the front platform) to turn together at the same angle.

Babboe Carve-E

The Babboe Carve-E (electric) cargo trike has the stability of a three-wheel cargo trike combined with the agility of a two-wheeler! ‘Carve mechanism’ steering tilts the box slightly when cornering, and the electric motor makes pedalling a breeze.

Babboe cargo cycles are, in our opinion, some of the best family cycles on the market and we’re so excited to share them with you – they’re easy to ride, endlessly useful and kids absolutely love riding around in them! Your spring and summer picnics, rides and adventures will be upgraded with a Babboe in the mix!
Give us a call on 01904 636812 for more information on the models we have and the delivery times expected.

Have fun. Get Cycling!