Autumn Outings

Autumn is officially here! Waving goodbye to the bright days and warm nights we take a step towards the colder months.

It’s tempting to start putting the bike away as the weather gets cooler – opting for driving or public transport but we think Autumn is perfect for keeping on cycling – you only need a few extra bits and keeping your body moving is great for maintaining your health during the colder seasons.

It’s worth noting that the temperature difference between days and nights will become more significant – no more balmy summer evenings – so make sure you have some warmer gear on standby.

The sun has started to disappear earlier, and with daylight savings coming to effect in October, it’s best to make sure your lights are up to scratch – fresh batteries or charge or even a new set are worth considering.

A high visibility vest, bag cover and helmet cover are worth looking into now as even the cloudier days are decreasing visibility, especially on the roads.

If you’d like to get your cycle in for a service before the weather gets wetter and colder – give us a call on 01904 636812 or pop in and speak to our knowledgeable team – they’ll be more than happy to discuss with you what your bike will need and any advice for riding in the cooling weather.

Still wanting to just squeeze out one more outing? We still have cycles for hire if you’re wanting to explore York in the golden autumn light, crunchy leaves, and cooler air – the Sustrans and Astrocampus Solar System Route is stunning this time of year. Have a look at our hire page to see what we offer and give us a call to book.

Heres to the spooky season – get out and enjoy the light while it lasts!