Summer Sale!

The sun is shining and what better way to prepare for a summer of cycling than with a Summer Sale!

We have a great range of inclusive cycles in stock that are looking for new homes – we have up to 50% off on selected in-stock models and can offer further discounts on multiple purchases.

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels this summer, these may be the cycles for you!

Ex-demos are ready to go!

Below are some of our ex-demo models on offer, if you have any questions or would like a quote, please call our team on 01904 636812 and choose option 2.

All ex-demo cycles are fully serviced before sale and can be provided with a standard warranty. All the demo models below have had very little use and are in as-new condition.  

Hase Pino Steps

The Hase Pino 2021 Steps electric tandem is designed for two adults, or for an adult and a child. The rear rider has full control of the steering and brakes. The for-anything-and-anytime bike, be it tandem, family taxi, or cargo bike. The Pino is the perfect bike for cycling duos – and for anything you need to carry from A to B. Experience the liberating feeling of being able to carry bulky items on two wheels – you may not want to use a car ever again!

Amtryke Rear Steer 16

The Amtryke RS16 tricycle has a fixed drive that helps children who might otherwise have problems making a full pedal rotation. The foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect. A highly supportive and adjustable seat is particularly helpful for those with low tone and/or trunk control.

Van Raam Easy Rider

Van Raam’s Easy Rider semi-recumbent tricycle has a unique frame designed to make it stable, manoeuvrable, easy to get on and off and incredibly comfortable to ride. The relaxed riding position, suspension, long wheelbase, and differential axle all contribute to making it a class leader for comfort and stability – even if you’ve never ridden a tricycle before you’ll get on with it straight away.

Van Raam Twinny Plus

The Van Raam Twinny Plus tandem tricycle is designed for two adults, or an adult and a tall child. The front rider has full control of the steering and brakes. Made in the Netherlands, this is a quality machine and built to last.

We also have brand-new Etnnic trikes on sale!

Trikes are fast becoming a significant form of transport, and are increasingly popular and visible on the streets of the UK. They provide stability, sturdiness, and the confidence to cycle wherever you need; commuting, leisure, shopping, or taking a family ride.

Etnnic City

This Etnnic is a city-going tadpole trike, designed for manoeuvrability around city streets. Two wheels at the front make negotiating obstacles a breeze. Thanks to the easily adjustable seat and handlebars, the Etnnic City 2.0 Trike ensures comfortable and safe riding for adults of most heights. Its low frame makes it amazingly easy to get on and off – just step aboard, no need to stretch to get onto the saddle.

We have both electric and non-electric versions in stock.

Etnnic Adventure

We think this might be the best all-terrain-upright-tadpole-tricycle available. Etnnic’s Adventure 2.0 trike is designed specifically for anyone who has difficulty maintaining balance on a conventional bicycle.

The Adventure trike is the first OFF-ROAD trike on the market: it is perfect for trips outside the city and to enjoy unpaved routes. Its reinforced chassis and off-road tyres will allow great stability to all the people suffering from mobility issues or anyone who feels less stable on two wheels.

No more excuses to enjoy ADVENTURE!

We have both electric and non-electric versions in stock.

Etnnic Fat

We thought we’d seen every variety of three-wheeler. Then the Etnnic Fat appeared on the horizon…

There’s nothing quite like it. Etnnic’s talented design team has skillfully combined the tadpole layout’s stability with the off-road capability offered by 4-inch-wide, big-volume tyres, making a trike that’s seriously entertaining to ride and giving riders the confidence to tackle terrain that would be out of bounds for most tricycles. This machine comes into its own on sand, mud, grass and snow.

We have both electric and non-electric versions in stock.

Refurbished cycles – pre-loved, as-new, great price!

We also always have a large range of refurbished inclusive cycles currently in stock, ranging from wheelchair tandems to kid’s trikes. Please see the link below to our current stock of refurbished inclusive cycles –

We are offering these impressive cycles at great prices RIGHT NOW so if any of them catch your eye, give our incredible and knowledgeable team a call on 01904 636812 and choose option 2.

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