Roam End Of Line Sale

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We have been selling the popular Roam cycles for a number of years. Recently they streamlined their product offering and will no longer be selling some of the models which are well-liked here in the UK. We have been lucky enough to grab the remainder of this stock and would like to offer these cycles at an exclusive discount!

Below are the cycles available for delivery soon – and don’t worry – Roam are still providing spare parts for another 10 years! Get in touch to reserve yours now.

Twinbike with seats

Roam Twinbike with seats

Popular cycle for multi-user centres. Lightweight and can be stored on its end when not in use.

We have four electric-assist Roam Twinbikes with Seats available:
Electric- £6175.00 ex VAT – Offer £5200.00 ex VAT

Twinbike Split

Roam Twinbike Split

Separable side-by-side tandem can be split in two for easy transportation. Controls for steering and braking are controlled by the stocker. Once separated you can use the cycles individually.

We have two Roam Twinbike Splits with electric assist available:
RRP £6375.00 ex VAT – OFFER £4500.00 ex VAT


Roam Twinbike

Rigid frame variation of the Twinbike Split Cycle, offering a wider width on the front wheels adding more stability. The cyclist in control can flick a switch that allows their companion to either cycle with fixed gear, or freewheel.

We have one non-electric Roam Twinbike available:
RRP £3895.00 ex VAT – OFFER £3000.00 ex VAT

Rider with seat

Roam Rider with seat

A semi-recumbent tricycle with an adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted quickly for different riders. 

We have three electric assist Roam Rider with Seats available:
Electric – RRP £5140.00 ex VAT – OFFER £3500.00 ex VAT

Rider Plus

Roam Rider Plus

This wheelchair tandem is ideal for wheelchair users who can transfer. The roomy and comfortable seat is suitable for a variety of different size passengers. 

We have two non-electric Roam Rider Plus available
RRP £3295.00 ex VAT – OFFER £2450.00 ex VAT

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please call 01904 636812 and select option 2.

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