Van Raam Midi

The Van Raam Midi is a medium size tricycle designed for stability and comfort. Made in the Netherlands, this is a quality machine and built to last.

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Standard features include fixed wheel drive, steering limiter, chain guard, lights, rear disk brakes, front V-brake, parking brake, security lock, and environmentally friendly paint. The frame comes with five-year warranty.

The Midi is easy to mount and dismount due to its low step-over height. Another great benefit is that it fits through a standard doorway.

A fixed gear allows the rider to reverse the trike and to slow it down without using a brake lever. The trike’s momentum carries the cranks past top-dead-centre which can be helpful for developing leg strength and flexibility.

Differential: the differential is important; cheaper trikes drive only one rear wheel, making pedalling harder to turn in the direction of the driven wheel. Differentials allow both rear wheels to be driven – balancing out the drive forces – and this makes going round corners the same whichever way you turn. Without a differential all pedalling forces travel through one wheel – a differential makes it much less likely to lose traction in slippery conditions.

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Adapt and Customise

Gearing options:

  • Freewheel (single speed)
  • Back-pedal-brake (single speed)
  • 8-Speed Shimano Nexus hub gear with hydraulic brake
  • 8-Speed Shimano Nexus hub gear with back-pedal-brake
  • 8-Speed Shimano Nexus hub gear with back-pedal-brake and & reverse function (pedal backwards)

Electric drive system: this product is also available with an electric motor. The electric assist ‘Silent System’ is produced entirely by Van Raam. The motor, battery, controller, smart display, and software are developed especially for inclusive cycles. The motor also assists when reversing the cycle (pedalling backwards). A smartphone app connects with the settings of the e-system, and can record cycling data, including speed and distance. Battery capacity can also be viewed on the app, real-time.

The Silent electrical system is a 36 Volt system with 250-Watt motor. The pedal sensor detects movement and force and adjusts output accordingly. The system is very smooth – unexpected jolting, which can occur in other systems, is prevented with the Silent System.

Other available options:

  • A range of extra battery packs for electric assist
  • Frame sizes 31 cm or 49 cm (standard is 41 cm)
  • One piece handlebar
  • Handlebar controlled hydraulic brakes, gears, and bell on one side only
  • Backrest support with or without waist belt
  • Foot rest/ step
  • Extra low step-through frame
  • Push bar (control handle for adult/carer)
  • Indicators
  • Easy-shift gears
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Stick holder bracket
  • Walker holder bracket
  • Speedometer
  • Large basket

Other colours are available at extra cost, in any of the standard RAL colours.

A full range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.


Specification (standard)

  • Frame: made from high quality steel
  • Gears: fixed wheel
  • Colour: matt blue / silver (environmentally friendly paint)
  • Lights
  • Chain protector
  • Parking brake
  • Security lock
  • Bell
  • Rear wheels: 22″
  • Front wheel: 20″
  • Front brake: V
  • Rear brakes: Disk
  • Weight: c27 kg
  • Max length: 168 cm
  • Max width: 75 cm
  • Max user weight: 90 kg
  • Step-over height: 25 cm
  • Inside leg length: 66 – 80 cm
  • Frame size: 41 cm


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