Nijland Nando Too

The Nijland Nando Too tandem tricycle is designed for an adult to ride with a small adult or child (from about 10-years and up) on the front seat. The rear rider has full control of the steering and brakes. Made in the Netherlands, this is a quality machine and is built to last.

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Standard features include Shimano 7-speed hub, large rear basket, security lock, enclosed chain guard, parking brake, battery operated lights and saddle bag. There is also a footrest for the front rider – this platform also acts as a solid step, which can be very helpful when mounting and dismounting.

Differential: the differential is important; cheap trikes drive only one rear wheel, making pedalling harder to turn in the direction of the driven wheel. Differentials allow both rear wheels to be driven – balancing out the drive forces – and this makes going round corners the same whichever way you turn. Without a differential all pedalling forces travel through one wheel – a differential makes it much less likely to lose traction in slippery conditions.

An ingenious clutch integrated into the transmission system between the two riders makes it possible to disengage the pedalling for the front rider using a lever on the rear handlebars, so the front rider can be obliged to pedal, or allowed to freewheel, at the flick of a switch!

The main advantages of a steer-from-the-rear tandem over normal tandems are that the rider sitting at the rear can see and communicate much more easily with the front rider and monitor their wellbeing more easily. Steer-from-the-rear tandems allow the front rider to enjoy a view of the road ahead and feel more involved in the ride. Three wheels means this tandem is much more stable especially when getting on and off – and no more so than when the front rider needs a helping hand.

Also available as a bicycle: click here to see the ‘Nando’ two-wheel version.

The ‘Nindo’ range is more suitable for children as young as 4-years.


Adapt and Customise

Electric assist: this product is also available with an electric motor. Contact us for more information.

A range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.

Other colours are available at extra cost, in any of the standard RAL colours.



  • Shimano 7 speed hub gears
  • Powder-coated in midnight blue
  • Hand-built frame made from high quality steel
  • Rear Shimano roller brake
  • Front hub brake
  • High quality aluminium rims
  • Gel saddles
  • Rear wheels 20 x 1.75″
  • Front wheel 24 x 1.75″
  • Step-over height: front 39 cm; rear 42 cm
  • Frame size: front 48.5 cm; rear 50 cm
  • Total length 248 cm
  • Overall weight approx. 37 kg
  • Saddle height (from floor): front rider: 32″ – 40″(80 – 100 cm); rear rider: 33″ – 43″ (84 – 110 cm)
  • Inside leg length: front rider: 28″ – 40″ (72 – 102 cm); rear rider: 29.5″ – 41″ (75 – 104 cm)

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