The ICE VTX recumbent tricycle looks as sleek, light and fast as it rides. With new easy access swept cruciform and an all-new custom super lightweight modern aero profile wheelset, the VTX is the perfect blend of performance, dynamic handling, and comfort. All backed up with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Ridden to victory by ICE rider Matthew Le Ruez at the 2018 HPVRA World Championships, the VTX is an all-out speed machine featuring a race tuned and proven frame, race wheelset and a super low rider position.
ICE’s heritage of innovation and development combine to produce a trike that is beautifully engineered, rides like a dream and offers practical features for everyday use.


Lightweight by design: carefully considered design and specialised components, such as a lightweight boom and carbon fibre seat, brings the VTX in just over 30lbs. Beautifully sculpted, the hydroforming process gives the rear frame optimal strength and stiffness.

Aerodynamic profile: a low seat position and recline angle as little as 25° minimises frontal area and reduces aerodynamic drag.

Easy access swept cruciform: newly designed handlebars allow for a wider roomier cockpit, and a new handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps to ensure the handlebars easily remain fixed in position at all times.

Natural handling: the optimised cruciform and one-piece handlebar provide stability and nimble handling no matter what the speed.

Indirect steering for natural, intuitive handling from the first ride. As pace increases handling remains controlled, predictable, and light, even when taking tight corners. The steering system dissipates vibrations and shock before they reach your hands to give a comfortable and safe feel, even at high speed.

ICE’s own No Brake Steer system ensures that the speed of each wheel and the tracking of the trike are completely independent, so steering is not affected by braking at speed, uneven braking, or cornering.

New lightweight race wheel set: state of the art custom wheel set is lighter than the previous VTX wheel set. They are more aerodynamic and have a modern aero profile.

ICE Air-Pro carbon seat is handmade and provides exceptional stiffness with minimal weight of 1.1kg. The shell is anatomically contoured which supports the rider through cornering and provides a firm brace to pedal against. Incorporated wings reduce weight and increases efficiency. Available in sizes medium or large.

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Adapt and Customise

Upgrade to the all-new 2020 World Championship Edition VTX, featuring Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting, that delivers superior championship level gear shifting and racing performance. The World Championship VTX is adorned with a unique Gold leaf ICE emblem to represent the heritage and gold medal-winning performance.

All ICE trikes are available with a wide range of options to fit the trike to you and your body. From seat brackets to adjust the leg length and seat height to the Helping Handles to assist you in and out of the seat, your ICE trike will be the perfect fit for you.

A full range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.



  • Overall width: 29.5″ (750mm)
  • Overall height: 27.2″ (690mm)
  • Overall length: 80″ – 90.2″ (2030mm – 2290mm)
  • Seat height: 5.9″ (150mm)
  • Seat angle adjustment: 25 – 32 degrees
  • Turning circle: 24,3″ (7.4m)
  • Rider weight limit: 230lbs (104kg)
  • Overall weight (from): 30.4lbs (13.8kg)
  • Rider size (X-seam): 37″ – 48″ (940 – 1219mm)
  • Track width: 27.5″ (700mm)
  • Ground clearance (ride height adjusted): 2.6″ (65mm)
  • Wheelbase: 48″ – 49.2″ (1220mm – 1250mm)


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