ICE Sprint X Tour

Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent riding on the beautifully designed ICE Sprint X Tour recumbent tricycle. The practical cousin to the VTX, the Sprint X is likely to be the fastest foldable trike available. Highly customisable with suspension, seating and accessories to create the ultimate road tourer or commuter.
With its sporty ride, comfort and medium height seating position, the versatile Sprint X Tour will guarantee you are ready for the challenge ahead. Whether you are carving bends, pushing your speed or on a long-distance tour, the Sprint X Tour is a trike for all seasons.
ICE’s heritage of innovation and development combine to produce a trike that is beautifully engineered, rides like a dream and offers practical features for everyday use.


Optimised ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, and wide-range gearing.

The ICE Compact Flat Twist fold is one of the many innovations that ICE has brought to the recumbent world. The fold is based around a lightweight heat-treated aluminium hinge on the main frame. Simply remove the seat, fold the handlebars flat, and undo the quick release lever to fold the frame. As the frame folds, the rear wheel pivots to fit flat between the front wheels. The CFT fold allows the trike to be folded in under 30 seconds and works with ICE accessories.

Easy access swept cruciforms. Allowing you to get your feet further under you for a more stable entry and exit of the trike, this also creates improved heel clearance for smaller riders.

Newly designed handlebars allow for a wider roomier cockpit, and a new handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps to ensure the handlebars easily remain fixed in position at all times.

Ergo-Flow seat has been designed to provide optimum back support. The cover features breathable fabrics to maximise airflow, whilst cushioning in the base and side bolsters enhances comfort. The tension in the back can be easily adjusted to suit the rider, and there is a handy weather-sealed pocket for small items such as keys and phones at the top.


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Adapt and Customise

All ICE trikes are available with a wide range of options to fit the trike to you and your body. From seat brackets to adjust the leg length and seat height to the Helping Handles to assist you in and out of the seat, your ICE trike will be the perfect fit for you.

Shimano STEPS E-Assist System. Beautifully integrated, available in two models:

  • E6000 – Powerful 250w electric motor, 50Nm torque, 418 Wh battery, optional automatic rear hub gear shifting.
  • E8000 – Powerful 250w electric motor, 70Nm torque, 504 Wh battery, Bluetooth connectivity, optional XT Di2 electronic gear shifting.

The Sprint X Tour can also be configured with Air-Pro hard-shell seat for a firmer sportier ride.

A full range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.



  • Overall width: 31.5″-32.5″ (800mm-825mm)
  • Overall height: 23.2″-26.4″ (590mm-670mm)
  • Overall length: 70.1″-87.4″ (1780mm-2220mm)
  • Folded width: 31.5″-32.5″ (800mm-825mm)
  • Folded height: 19.3″-26.2″ (490mm-665mm)
  • Folded length: 39.4″-47.2″ (1000mm-1200mm)
  • Seat height: 8.1″ (205mm)
  • Seat width: 15″ (380mm)
  • Seat depth: 9.8″ (250mm)
  • Seat angle adjust: 36 – 42 degrees
  • Turning circle: 16’4″-17’4″ (5m-5.3m)
  • Rider weight limit (Ergo-Mesh seat): 275lbs (125kg)
  • Rider weight limit (Air-Pro seat): 229lbs (104kg)
  • Overall weight from (rigid used for example): 35.8lbs (16.2kg)
  • Rider size (X-seam): 35″ – 50″ (889mm – 1270mm)
  • Track width: 29.5″ (750mm)
  • Wheelbase: 41.6″-46.1″ (1055mm-1170mm)
  • Ground clearance (ride height adjusted): 3″ (75 mm)
  • Suspension Travel Rear (optional): 4″ (100mm)
  • Suspension Travel Front (optional): 1.5″ (40mm)

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