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The new Hase Trets guarantees big fun for little riders, it has all the neat design features and attention to detail of its bigger siblings but in a smaller package. Kids love the Trets because it combines a high level of safety with a whole lot of fun. It’s ideal for children with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, or with restricted movement. And the Trets is even transportable: with a folded handlebar, it can be made small enough to fit in the boot of a car. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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Trets: discovering speed. Children who are hardly able to walk unassisted can experience the wind in their hair and the spine-tingling sensation of acceleration. Fun, pride, and confidence through cycling – the Trets makes it possible. Outstanding brakes, a 5-point safety harness, and a level of stability that leaves other therapeutic trikes in the dust.

Under-seat steering:

The new Trets, like the Trix, has under-seat steering, which is both safe and easy to use. Young riders feel pretty cool with their “lowbars” – and they are! For kids who prefer above-seat steering, like on a bike, optional “highbars” are also available – and give the new Trets a classic “Easy Rider” look.


Young trikers grow fast, but the new Trets can grow with them: It is adjustable for all kids between 3’3” and 5’3” in height (1–1.6 m). For stepless length adjustment, all you have to do is open a lever and slide the seat into the appropriate position – without tools and without having to shorten the chain. This adjustment system is made possible by a special modular design that was inspired by the Trigo.


And now for the wow factor: If the Trets’ poison-green finish wasn’t eye-catching enough – the trike comes with a set of funky decals! Kids can choose between wild dinosaur or pink “Glam.”

Stability and safety:

As a delta trike with a low centre of gravity, the Trets is extremely stable, which means that riders can get into the seat with no scary wobbling. The pedals with toe clips and straps, as well as elastic heel straps, guarantee good foot positioning and prevent slipping. The handlebars fold forward to make mounting even easier, and the five-point harness keeps little ones in their seat – making the trike ideal for riders who are unable to hold themselves upright, for kids with the fidgets, and for anxious parents.

Trailer Mode:

Don’t split up. Hitch up! Remove the front wheel, attach the draw bar, and the trike is in trailer mode. Then it can be hitched to one of the parents’ bikes for long bike tours or for towing junior home from nursery school.


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Adapt and Customise

The Crank Shortener is perfect for legs of different lengths or for when the knees cannot be fully extended.

Steerable Guide Bar for the accompanying person:

Another indispensable extra: the Guide Bar, which is attached behind the seat. It allows parents or carers to give a helpful push or do some corrective steering on walks. Please note: the Guide Bar is mounted to the same frame-tube insert as the basket – meaning that, unfortunately, it’s not possible to use both accessories at the same time.

Optional above-seat handlebars:

Above-seat handlebars are intuitive to use because they are so similar to the handlebars of a “normal” upright bike. If your child prefers them to under-seat handlebars, then you can choose this option – and order the TRETS with a classic “Easy Rider” look. The handlebar height and angle, as well as the distance to the rider, can be easily adjusted without tools.

Special Pedals:

Hase designed their new Special Pedals in cooperation with Georg Busch from the company Ergodynamik Busch. They are much more adjustable to individual needs than other models: for starters, they fit an impressive range of shoe sizes, from US kids’ 1/UK kids’ 13 / EU 32 to US men’s 16 /UK 15.5 / EU 52. And the angle to the direction of travel can also be adjusted over a very wide range. Once all adjustments have been made, the straps can be easily fastened and released with one hand. The foot is held comfortably and securely in the proper position.

Other available options include gear system, crank set, pedals, frame lock, rear-view mirror, tyres, front/rear wheel, brakes, handlebar, lighting system, waterproof cover, telescopic safety flag.

Other colours are available at extra cost, in any of the standard RAL colours

A range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.


Specification (standard)

  • Total length: Trike: 60″-70″ (152-179 cm) Trailer: 65″-76″ (165-192 cm)
  • Total width: 39″ (73 cm)
  • Total height: 27″- 31″ (68-78 cm)
  • Seat height: 13″- 17″ (33-43 cm)
  • Bottom bracket height: 12,5″ (32 cm)
  • Frame & front boom: aluminium alloy
  • load: 220 lb (100 kg)/176 lb (80 kg) when used as trailer
  • Height of rider: 39″-63″ (100-160 cm)
  • Brakes: Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes with parking brake lever
  • Wheels: Rear: 20″, Front: 16″, Tire: Kenda 58-406mm tires with reflective sidewalls and puncture protection – spoke protectors – Cover for brake disc and wheel
  • Gears: Shimano Nexus Premium 8-speed internal gear hub
  • Crank set: aluminium 115 mm 32 tooth
  • Fenders: SKS black matt
  • Pedals: Children’s Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps
  • Lighting system: Battery light – Spanninga Axendo headlight, Spanninga Elips taillight
  • Weight: 43 lb (19,5 kg)
  • Colour: Green/black


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