Azub T-Tris AR

Folding or separable trike with all 26” wheels and no suspension

On and off the road

If you are a bit more adventurous and would like to ride your new recumbent trike both on asphalt roads and on good gravel or forest roads, the AZUB T-Tris AR will easily fulfil your dreams. To us, AR stands for Adventure Riding and is our entry-level model with all 26″ wheels that will allow you to go much further than you expected.

Big wheels lead

Since we introduced the tricycle with three large wheels to our offer, this combination has been very popular. 26″ wheels go over all bumps more efficiently, making riding a recumbent trike more comfortable. They also raise the seat height so the rider has a better view and it is easier to get on. But at the same time, they also slightly reduce the stability of the trike, so the rider has to lean more in faster or sharper turns sideways. And then there’s the ground clearance that trikes with three 26″ wheels have so much that nothing is stopping you. Finally, we have to mention that the three big wheels look good. They offer the cyclist a kind of royal feeling of riding, and especially some tall and well-built guys simply look good riding a trike with them.

A frame that will hold

We built the T-Tris AR based on our long-proven T-Tris design, which has no suspension but can have a folding frame as well as an electric drive option. Thanks to the aluminum alloy frame and the massive triangular rear fork, the frame is sufficiently stiff even with large wheels and when going through corners quickly. The AR’s steering geometry is more stable than its siblings, and you’ll appreciate it on longer country rides, especially on fast, long descents.


Smooth adjustment of the seat

Ever since we started back in 2000, we have always thought that a bike should adapt to the rider and not the other way round. That’s why we used an adjustable seat for our first bike, in which both the angle and the pedal distance were adjustable. With each further development stage, we introduced a more accurate adjustment, until 2013, when we reached a stage of adjusting without positions. This concept is based on a sliding sleeve, which we produce in a straight version for our tricycles and some bicycles, as well as in a curved version for recumbents.

F2F – Fold To Flat

The folding mechanism on our tricycles is positioned in such a way that when you start folding the rear of the frame, the trike slowly “turns” and the rear wheel ends up folded flat. You also remove the seat and, if necessary, also the wheels, so the resulting package is remarkably small.

Folding mechanism

In 2015, we introduced a new folding mechanism we are really proud of. We wanted to create a folding tricycle that would be adequately stiff and whose folding mechanism would be smooth and easy to operate. The feedback from hundreds of AZUB riders has confirmed that we have definitely accomplished what we had planned.

Folding handlebars

It took us hours and hours of thinking and discussions before we thought up and then designed probably the most sophisticated folding handlebars in the world of recumbent tricycles. We would rather not mention the number of prototypes we have made…


Overall width 835 mm
Overall height 795 mm – 920 mm
Overall length 1 860 mm – 2 110 mm
Track width 755 mm
Wheel base 1 200 mm
Ground clearance 185 mm (1,9″ tyres)
Bottom seat height 400 mm – 430 mm
Seat angle adjustment 34 – 52 degrees
Bottom bracket height 450 mm – 490 mm
Max load 125 kg
Max tyre width 60 mm
Half folded width 835 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
Half folded length 1 080 mm
Half folded height 490 mm


It does not matter whether your biggest wish is a bike in Ferrari red or a sky blue one, whether you dream at night of an aggressive looking number or a sporty specimen, of a sophisticated stylish model or of pure comfort. Neither does it matter whether you are planning short, relaxing trips or long expeditions which might take several months. We can help you fulfil an incredible number of wishes. And regardless of whether we will be configuring and building you a bike in the very basic version or one with all the cutting-edge elements, you can rest assured we will take the same care. For us, the aim is simply to see a happy person with a smile on his or her face every time they get on their bike.

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