Amtryke RS16

The Amtryke RS16 tricycle has a fixed drive that helps children who might otherwise have problems making a full pedal rotation. The foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect. A highly supportive and adjustable seat is particularly helpful for those with low tone and/or trunk control.

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A fixed gear allows the rider to reverse the trike and to slow it down without using a brake lever. The trike’s momentum carries the cranks past top-dead-centre which can be helpful for developing leg strength and flexibility. Coasting is not possible with a fixed drive; when limb motion stops, the bike does as well.

Another indispensable feature is the detachable carer-control mechanism, which is connected to the trike’s steering and allows the parent or carer to give a helpful push or do some corrective steering.

The Amtryke Rear-Steer models are available in two other sizes:

RS 12″ wheel

RS 20″ wheel


Adapt and Customise

A full range of adaptations is available. See the Accessories & Adaptations section of this website.


Standard features

  • Rolled steel frame with two levers which allow the sliding seat to move closer to, or further from, the handlebars
  • Four seat post positions and a sliding seat post accommodate most leg lengths (allows for growing riders)
  • Seat-back can be positioned up/down and comes with highly adjustable laterals and chest strap
  • Separable frame for easy transport
  • Low centre of gravity provides added stability
  • Quick-release cam levers allow the handlebars to be positioned at any height or distance from the rider
  • Safety steering limiter pin to minimise the risk of falls. Can be quickly set in three graduated steering positions: straight, 20 degrees left/right, free steering
  • Calliper hand brake
  • Expanding pedals with two straps can adjust from 17.5cm to 25.5cm. The pedal angle is also adjustable
  • Pedal leveller pulley keeps pedals the right way up and prevents them catching on the ground when the cycle is in motion
  • Parking brake
  • Steel wire basket
  • 16-inch wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Carer-control mechanism



  • Leg Length: 61cm – 81.5cm (24-32 inch)
  • Arm Length: 35.5cm – 55.5cm (14-22 inch)
  • Height: 104cm – 152.5cm (41-60 inch)
  • Max weight: 79.5 kg (175 lbs)

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