Aitour Cargo Starter

Unleash your courage with Aitour Cargo Bike – Starter. This three-wheeled electric cargo bike combines a grand appearance, generous capacity, and an unbeatable price, making it the perfect choice for first-time explorers. With Aitour, you can transport goods with ease and embark on new adventures with your family, discovering a world of endless possibilities.


What’s the range?

Up to 40+ miles/65+ km per charge

How much can it carry?

300 lb/135 kg

How powerful is the motor?


Aitour Cargo Bike – Starter

The best value cargo bike

Hydraulic disc brakes with parking safety and a low-noise brushless rear motor make the Aitour Cargo Bike – Starter stand out from the crowd of cargo bikes. “Shimano” 7-speed shifting lets you adjust your riding pace as you wish while the AKM 250W 48V rear motor takes you anywhere. Just like our vision, we’re willing to make it fun for every family at a great price.

Go anywhere with your family safely.

The Aitour Cargo Bike – Starter has hydraulic disc brakes with a safety parking function that allows you to stop your cargo bike quickly, gently, and safely when fully loaded with gentle pressure on the brake lever.

Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 7-speed shifting lets you adjust your riding pace as you wish.

Healthy living on family trips

The Aitour Cargo Bike – Starter is a great way to get away from the traffic and take your kids on a trip to the countryside. Aitour Cargo Bike – Starter has a large capacity for up to 4 children or 2 adults. Imagine how nice it is to have a good conversation with your kids while getting some exercise. Of course, you can bring your pets!

Main Specification

Motor – AKM95RX 48V/250W

Brake  – Hydraulic disc brakes

Gears – Shimano 7-speed

Tire – “Innova” reflector line puncture-proof tires, 20” front and 26” rear

Cells  –48V 13.4Ah Cells

Display – LCD 21C


Measurements and Weights

Recommended Rider Heights – 165-195cm/5’5″-6’5″

Seat Height – 94-114cm/37″-45″

Total Length – 226cm/89″

Width at Widest Point – 90cm/35.4″

Handlebar Width – 63.5cm/25″

Handlebar Height – 119cm/47″

Rear Rack Capacity – 25kg/55 lb

Total Loading Capacity of Bike – 300kg/660 lb

Max Loading Capacity of Cargo Area – 120-150kg/250-300 lb

Bike Weight – 72kg/158 lb

Cargo Box Internal Width – 580mm/23”

Cargo Box Length – 106.7cm/42″

Cargo Box Height – F: 460mm/18″ R: 535mm/21”

Number of children – 4 children or 2 adults

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