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Law governing the Terms

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Terms and Conditions of Track Use

Although we have never had an untoward incident on our track, we do require all users to sign a form which helps protect themselves, other track-users and Get Cycling from unpleasant consequences.

You will be asked to supply your name, address and contact details. Occasionally we may also ask for some kind of deposit, refundable at the end of your session.

The text of the document you will need to sign before using the track is currently as follows, but we reserve the right to make changes to this document at any time:

  • I undertake to ride with great care and attention, and with consideration for other track-users.
  • I recognise that Get Cycling reserves the right to deny track use to any individual, without the need to give a reason.
  • I undertake to obey the instructions of representatives of Get Cycling at all times.
  • I undertake not to begin riding without the necessary instruction as to function and use.
  • I undertake to obey the instructions of repesentatives of Get Cycling at all times, and to cease cycling immediately should I be asked to.
  • I undertake to return my cycle directly to a Get Cycling representative and not allow anyone else to use it.
  • I undertake to keep my cycle on the designated track at all times, to cycle in the designated direction, and not to race.
  • I undertake to use the cycle for the purpose it was intended, and not to carry passengers unless expressly permitted by a Get Cycling representative, and then only if the cycle is designed to carry passengers.
  • I undertake not to change passengers during my use of the track without the express permission of a Get Cycling representative.
  • I recognise that the use of the test track can be dangerous and I expose myself to the danger of damage to my property, person and life, as well as to a possible claim against me from third parties harmed by my actions.
  • Get Cycling is not liable for any injury to my person while using the track, unless caused by their negligence.
  • The rules of the Highway Code apply. I confirm that I am aware of the rules of the Highway Code and of my other obligations as a road user.
  • I have been made aware of the conditions of use relating to the test track, which are available for examination at the check-in information area. I acknowledge that these conditions of use are valid.
  • The use of a helmet has been recommended to me, and I have been offered a helmet.
  • I confirm that I am capable of riding safely on the track, and am not under the influence of alcohol or other forms of intoxication.
  • I have been offered trouser clips and undertake to wear them. Get Cycling is not liable for damage to my clothing or personal effects.
  • I undertake to compensate Get Cycling upon demand should the Track Director judge that any negligence on my part while using the track has caused material damage to the cycle or equipment I have borrowed.
  • I have been made aware of the conditions of use relating to the test track, which are available for examination at the check-in information area. I acknowledge that these conditions of use are valid.