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Get Cycling Disability provides cycles and cycling support to special schools, community groups and individuals. We are nominated advisors and suppliers of new and refurbished cycles to the Family Fund Charity.

2-Rider-by-Bridge1For people with disabilities cycling offers exercise, fun, mobility and independence. There is a huge variety of cycles and adaptations, but too many are bought without proper advice, and without the chance to try out and compare. We do our best to keep examples of all options at our try-out centre in York and we take try-out roadshows to various parts of the UK. We are a well established social enterprise with a reputation for integrity and customer care.

IMG_2010a“You may not realise what you have managed to arrange for us. We had envisaged a difficult visit with our daughter who could have reacted very badly to a new experience. Add to that two jealous siblings and it could have been a horrible day. You made it a real outing! For a £300 bike, this level of service, including the adaption to the brakes, is very impressive. I hope to meet with your organisation again in the future”

Steve Manderson


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