Bike Try-Outs

Our ‘Get Cycling’ Roadshows for the public are fantastic fun and a great way to bring the pro-cycling message to your area.

Everyone, from very small children through to 70-plus-year-olds, have the chance to try out both conventional and more specialised cycles, in a safe and very supportive environment.

There are five main varieties, but we tailor our services to meet your needs and budget.

Call us to discuss requirements and to request a quote.

Public Bike Try-Out shows

We originated bike try-out roadshows over fourteen years ago, and continue to refine them. We work in city centres and at public events, bringing the right bikes and techniques to match your wishes. Our clients are mainly local authorities and events companies.

Our roadshows are a great opportunity to involve other organisations: green transport, health and environmental groups for example. The more that are involved, both internally within the local authority and outside, the bigger the impact of the event.


KMX Karts experience

Our KMX Karts come in various sizes, for children, teenagers and adults. They are attractive to children who have not yet learned to ride a bike. We have also noticed that girls are as keen to get on them as boys, and make a lot more noise on them! Each of our main bike try-out shows goes out with at least a couple of KMX Karts, and we even include them in our special needs bike try-out roadshow. KMX Karts perform well on grass, and are a healthy, action-packed novelty for any event officer. We also use them in our healthy-living roadshows and on private staff events for businesses.

Extreme Try Out

An exciting new bike attraction for teenagers and young adults. It’s a portable MTB skills track, giving an interactive event including skills challenges, within the ability of almost all young people. The sessions consist of three courses (easy, medium and hard).

Special Needs Try-out Roadshows

We have a fully developed disability try-out roadshow. A standard show contains around 20 cycles, some of them very specialised: handcycles, wheelchair tandems, steer-from-the-rear tandems, tricycles, low step-over bikes, side-by-sides to name but a few.

Read more about our special needs try-out roadshows here.

Fun Bikes (for kids up to 7 years old)

Fun Bikes (for kids up to 7 years old)

For those summer play days in the park we put together a special attraction based on our 40 very varied and unusual child-sized trikes, rickshaws, tandems, handcycles, etc. These are very robust and stand up well to ‘dodgem’ use.