Disability Cycles

For the able-bodied, the task of selecting the right bike can be a daunting prospect. So you’d think that choosing a bike for a disabled person would be much more difficult. However, for those with special cycling needs, the selection process is often easier because the nature of an individual’s disability narrowly defines the type of machine that can be ridden.

Aside from the hardware, the big difference in cycle provision for the disabled is in the time required to fit a bike and, as you’d expect, the more profound the disability the more complex the ergonomic solution. Bike shops usually know very little about disability - and few disability equipment retailers know anything about cycles. Clearly, the first of many important aspects is finding an experienced and competent provider.

As a Not-For-Profit our unique approach is that we approach disability cycling from cycling - not from disability. We are bike geeks who want everybody to be able to enjoy cycling. And we work on bike shop profit margins not inflated disability industry margins. This keeps our prices down - which means we sell more bikes. Win win.

For the less severely disabled, it’s often possible to take a regular bicycle and adapt it with off-the-shelf components. At the other end of the scale, those with profound disabilities will require a much more complex machine, often a tricycle or quad with, perhaps, extra low gearing, fixed wheel transmissions, restricted steering, harnesses, special seats, pedal platforms and even specially made components with non-standard dimensions. But whatever the disability, the aim is always to select the machine which most closely meets the individual’s needs and then fine-tune and adapt it to suit their particular requirements.

The cycles and accessories we sell fall into three groups:

Those we carry as demonstrators. These are the most popular models that we sell. These are all listed on our site and they're used in our Disability Try-Out Roadshows

Those we list on our website. These are models which we regularly sell, but not in enough numbers to justify carrying a demo model.

Those bikes which don't feature on our website but which we can get. This includes pretty much anything that any of our manufacturers makes. If you find something on their website that you fancy, get it touch for more information.